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Autosculpt is the revolutionary customization system in Need for Speed Carbon where you can tweak every aspect of your ride, from lowering the bumpers to changing the number of spokes on the rims. There are 10 zones on the car that can be changed. As for the vinyls and decals, you can use vector scoping to widen, change the angle of, and turn vinyls, and for the decals, vector scoping helps you put the decal wherever you want on the car.

Need for Speed Underground introduced serious customization to the series and Most Wanted and this year's Carbon add various wrinkles to the fold. As in previous games, players earn cash for winning races. Each new win unlocks the ability to pick new parts and, of course, money. By pressing a button, players can view a top-down map, pick a race to enter, visit their safe house or a car lot, where cars can be bought and sold. In the Safe House, players can customize their vehicles.

In familiar fashion, individual parts or pre-made full-body kits can be purchased. The suite of choices is solid, though it appears fewer engine performance options and upgrades are allowed than in Underground 2. The new AutoSculpt option, however, makes up for that in part. Once you hire a scout, you're enabled the option of sculpting your modified parts to new heights. Spoilers, bumpers, skirts, hoods, you name it, you can tweak them all using a series of sliders. Admittedly, the effect is purely visual. But hey, it's fun! And, when you're done tweaking the car, you can take it online and show it off.


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