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Chop competition rules:

1 - The picture of the car to chop will be chose by the winner of the previous competition. The size of the picture will be 800x600 or higher.

2 - You can chop the picture any way you want. It´s absolutelly FREE (Unless the competition moderator - the one who choose the picture -choose a theme or an specific way to chop).

3 - All images *must* be attached to the posts as thumbnails. The image can be hosted here at NFSUnlimited or at ImageShack.

4 - The competitions will start on saturday every 14 days. You have 7 days to submit your chop, then the competition moderator has to make a poll that last for 5 days. The winner of this poll has 2 days to pick a new picture and start a new competition that saturday.

List of chop competitions so far:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
Infiniti G35
Honda Prelude SI VTEC
Mazda RX-7

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