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The fifth challenge. The RicerChallenge was the evil twin stepbrother of the SleeperChallenge. Entries had to be all show and no go. In addition to the ordinary challenge, there were also a couple of fun side challenges. This challenge made GT3x24x7 famous as Da RiceMeista!! There were 14 entries.

Entrant Ratings Winner: GT3x24x7's Civic (9.46/10)
User Ratings Winner: GT3x24x7's Civic (9/10)

Guest Ratings Winner: Qyntel's Tiburon (6.91/10)

'Decal HP' SideChallenge Winner: SykoticAZN's Eclipse (150BHP)

Highway 1 Drag Time SideChallenge Winner: VetteMaster's Supra (31.56s)

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