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The basic race to the finish, whilst being assisted by a crew member. It is recommended you use an aggressive driving style.

Canyon Sprint

The same, however it is set in Carbon Canyon (enclosed) and there are no crew members to help you.


Much like Sprint, only it is a two-lap race.

Canyon Circuit

The canyon variation with no crew members assisting you, once again enclosed.


A race where the point is to have the highest culminated speed in total after going past several speed traps (radars). Once a player has finished, each second will knock off a few miles from the others.


A solo race where you have to get from one destination to another within a certain time limit (the remaining seconds you had after passing a checkpoint will be added as bonus time) until you reach the finish.

Canyon Checkpoint

The canyon variation.


Here you have to drift along a loop track to get points. If you crash, you end the drift chain. Whereas if you keep drifting without crashing, you will get bonus points. It is recommended not to overuse nitro, as you can easily skid out of control.

Canyon Drift

Another canyon variation of a race, but with a twist. The area is not enclosed and as such it is easy to slip off the canyon, instantly ending the race. Here, the key is a slower but active driving style and stability.

Canyon Duel

A two-part racing mode where you face another racer one-on-one in an open canyon area. The first part has you behind your opponent. If you get too far behind, you have 10 seconds to catch up or you will lose. If you take over your opponent in the first part, then you'll win after 10 seconds of being in front and won't have to do the second part. The second part is the opposite. You are in front of your opponent. If he catches up, you have 10 seconds to restore your lead or you lose and start over from the first part.

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