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Car Performance Editing (A Brief Guide)

[WARNING: Use at your own risk. Sometimes results can be unexpected - always make backups.]

Every car's performance files are located in: [your drive letter]:/Program Files/EA Games/Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2/Cars. In the Cars folder, there should be lots of folders with names like "murcie" and "911t". You can tell the names of cars in the game by looking at these folders. Now decide which car you want to edit - let's use the Murcielago as an example. When you click into the folder, you should see 12 files. The ones you'll be editing will be called "car.ini", "car_cop.ini", "car_hp.ini", and "carracer.ini".

  • car.ini is performance information for the player's car.
  • car_cop.ini is performance information for cop cars.
  • car_hp.ini is performance information for the special NFS edition cars.
  • carracer.ini is performance information for A.I. drivers.

When you open up car.ini with notepad, you'll see things like:


While some things are obvious, like mass, others aren't. Have a play around with these values, but always remember to backup any files that you plan to edit.

Change Car Prices

Open the cars.ini file in your Cars folder using Notepad and make the following modifications:


Now, you'll be able to buy all the cars for $1.

Even better, if you set the price to -60000, for example, you'll be able to buy the car for free and you'll get 60000 points!

Change Track Prices

Open tracks.ini in the Tracks folder and edit all lines starting with 'm_price'. For example:


NOTE: Before editing, you might need to uncheck the 'read-only' attribute from .ini files. To do that, right-click on the .ini file, select Properties and remove the check from Read-only check box. Also, make a backup before editing!

Quick car skin editing tutorial

You will need:

FSH Tool and VIV Magic --> [1] A .bmp editing program like Paint or Photoshop

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