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Like previous NFS games, there is a stable of highly desirable cars and these cars are categorized into three classes, essentially giving the player three different categories of racing. All cars are divided into classes "A", "B" and "C", based on vehicle performance. The list of cars included in Need for Speed III consists of luxury sports cars, ranging from street-legal models to racing models. While Ferrari and Mercedes models are included in game, it is interesting to note they are not available in police pursuit modes. It should also be noted that varied versions of Hot Pursuit feature different sets of cars.

Official Car List

Street-legal models

  • Chevrolet Corvette (C5)
  • El Niño (bonus car)
  • Ferrari 355 F1 Spider
  • Ferrari 550 Maranello
  • Ferrari 456M GT
  • Jaguar XJR-15
  • Jaguar XK8
  • Jaguar XKR
  • Jaguar Sports XJR-15 (bonus car)
  • Lister Storm
  • Lamborghini Diablo SV
  • Lamborghini Countach
  • Mercedes Benz CLK GTR (bonus car)
  • Spectre R42

Exclusive Models

  • '98 Indy 500 Pace Car (Based on a Chevrolet Corvette C5) (Wal-Mart PC version only)
  • Aston Martin DB7 (PC version only)
  • Ford GT Falcon (PC, Australian version only)
  • HSV VT GTS (PC, Australian version only)
  • Italdesign Nazca C2 (PS version only)
  • Italdesign Scighera (PC version only)
  • Mercedes Benz SL 600 (PC version only)

Police Models

  • Pursuit Chevorlet Corvette
  • Pursuit Lamborghini Diablo SV (bonus car)
  • Pursuit El Niño (bonus car)

Car Specifications

Car Cost Weight Dimensions Top Speed 0-60 mph 0-100 mph
Aston Martin $US130,000 3913 lbs 182.9×72×48.7" 165 mph 5.6 sec n/a
Chevrolet Corvette $US38,060 3245 lbs 182.9×72×48.7" 175 mph 4.7 sec n/a
Ferrari 355F1 Spider $US140,000 2976 lbs 167.3×74.8×46.1" 183 mph 4.6 sec 10.5 sec
Ferrari 550 Maranello $US204,000 3726 lbs 179.1×76.2×50.3" 199 mph 4.3 sec 11.2 sec
Ford GT Falcon $AUD69,500 1698 kg 4.931×1.888×1.394m 235 km/h 7.7 sec 18.5 sec
Holden HSV GTS $AU71,950 1764 kg 4.918×1.824×1.404m 255 km/h 6.59 sec 14.25 sec
Italdesign Scighera NFS 3197 lbs 170.1×78×45.1" 186+ mph 3.7 sec n/a
Jaguar XJR-15 $US821,000 2310 lbs 183.2×74×45.5" 190 mph 3.8 sec n/a
Jaguar XK8 $US81,400 2310 lbs 187.4×79.3×72" 156 mph 6.4 sec 16.2 sec
Lamborghini Countach n/a 3685 lbs 177.2×80×42.8" 180+ mph 4.4 sec n/a
Lamborghini Diablo $US195,900 3575 lbs 178.8×81.6×44.2" 208 mph 3.8 sec 8 sec
Mercedes CLK GTR n/a 2200 lbs 194.2×78×44" 200 mph 4 sec 6.5 sec

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