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To use these cheat codes, goto the main menu and click "Create Player" and type in the cheat for the name. Click "Done" (you'll hear a little confirmation sound). Then choose your regular profile and play the game!

  • Gulliver - The Porsches are all shrunk down to the size of radio controlled racers and have little antennas.
  • Smash Up - Using the Skidpad, Destruction Derby style racing - nothing better than that!
  • Dakar - Tired of Street Racing? Changes car physics and tracks to Rally style.
  • Fuzzyfuz - Enables cops in quick race (cops may not appear on all tracks: i.e.-Monaco).
  • yraGyraG - Enables all cars to have 993 physics.
  • fetherw8 - This cheat code makes cars way heavier.

Additional downloadable cheats can be found in NFSPU cheats section.


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