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Drag King

Drag King Karol Monroe.JPG

Karol places professionalism and preparation before all else, qualities to which she attributes her absolute domination on the straight.
  • Name: Karol Monroe
  • Organization: Rogue Speed
  • Car: 2005 Ford Mustang
  • Note: The Corvette C6R is the best car to beat Karol Monroe. *Expert Drag Racers ONLY*: If you think you're good in drag races, try using the Acura NSX(!Max Tuned!). I've used it and blasted down the quarter mile in just 6.88 seconds!
  • Note: Warning Expert Drag Racers ONLY: use a pagani zonda all to stage 3(or above) tune your gears from 1st all the way left to 6th 2 tics from the right. (personal record with this: 6.13 seconds!
  • Grip King

    Grip King Ray Kreiger.JPG

    Krieger retired from grip racing in the 90s but this is not to say that if a true challenge were to present itself, he wouldn't suit up.
    • Name: Ray Krieger
    • Organization: G Effect
    • Car: 2008 BMW M3
  • Note:Be careful I had a Skyline Proto and he still beat me!He has a very good car!
  • Note: The Zonda F and/or the new Evo will be enough to beat him! If you use the Zonda, Ray will never stand a chance against you!!!!!!
  • I killed him with my Hemi Cuda(fully upgraded) on the last course I lapped him

    Drift King

    Drift King Aki Kimura.jpg

    Aki embodies the spirit of the samurai when he's drifting, handling corners with the clean precision of the perfect sword stroke.
    • Name: Aki Kimura
    • Organization: Noise Bomb
    • Car: 1995 Mazda RX-7

    Speed King

    Speed King Nate Denver.JPG

    Nate's gift behind the wheel got him out of the small town that he grew up in and led him to conquer the speed events across the world.
    • Name: Nate Denver
    • Organization: Nitrocide
    • Car: 1965 Pontiac GTO
  • Note: Very bad handling once you win his car, I suggest tuning it once you get it!
  • Showdown King


    A well tuned car, racing spirit in his blood and his tactics make Ryo a very formidable opponent.
    • Name: Ryo Watanabe
    • Organization: Apex Glide
    • Car: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
    • Note: The BMW Z4 M Coupe is useful in the drifts.

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