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  • It is very important which car you pick, it has to be suitable to your driving style, but be careful that too much power in drift can be a bad thing. Try a few stock cars in quick drift mode. Pick the one that you find the easiest to control. Usually stock cars will drift fine, but if you need more power, upgrade them, but do not go all the way. Smart upgrades would be AERO and RACE, only pick those Stage upgrades you really need. If your car turns out to be too powerful, sell the upgrades. Ideal setup would be to have your car maintain a drift with the accelerator pressed at the middle.
  • Counter steer to maintain a drift. Also be careful not to counter steer too much, try to find a balance with the accelerator.
  • Clipping points are very important as a very close drift at the first and second clipping point will instantly add a 2x multiplier meaning an easy accumulation of points. If you're not sure what a clipping point is, it's a set of around 4 red and white sticks with yellow lights on top. They're usually positioned in corner apex. Often the AI scores so low that you can simply aim for the clipping points and do a really short drift around them. Best score for drifting near a clipping point is 100, score is reduced with distance.
  • Throttle control is important. During drift you have to press is just right not to spin in or lose the drift. That's why it's important not to have a too powerful car as they'll oversteer too quickly.
  • Know the courses and with what speeds you should take the corners with. Also drive through the corners much like you do when doing regular racing. Take the outer line, brake before the corner, then turn and start slamming the accelerator. Have the car turn inside, the let loose the accelerator just enough so you maintain a drift. Usually the arrows should show you a good drifting line so it's easiest to follow them.
  • Use the cockpit or the hood camera - the chase cam to be too distant and it not being fixed to the car causes problems as you usually can't react fast enough.
  • If you spinning inwards, don't restart. You wil get lots of points for having a great drifting angle.

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