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Circuit races are two-lap or more races with a set course around the city, however you have to be careful so as to not crash, there are plenty of shortcuts to take as well. Overall this racing mode hasn't changed much from its predecessor Need for Speed Underground.


A quick race across the city to the finish line with some traffic in the way. Once again, hasn't changed much from Underground.


The drag events have some minor changes. Overall it revolves around your timing and reflexes, but can be surprisingly challenging. The player must try hard to hit the precise gears and shifts and avoid an Over Rev otherwise they'll lose speed and fall behind. Nitrous is not recommended as it drastically increases your car's temperature and if you do not react quickly, your engine might overheat.


The old racing mode is back, but with a twist. There are two types of drifts: closed track, where you must get the highest score whilst catching up with your three opponents. The second type is a downhill drift, where you must beat a pre-determined score instead of racing against other cars. There is also traffic that will get in your way.

Street X

Pronounced "street cross", up to four competitors race in a closed area with very sharp turns, ones that require great handling and precision. One false move will result in an opponent catching up. Nitrous is disabled in these races. Often opponent cars will crash into each other, allowing you to take the lead but you must avoid getting it stolen. Power slides are not recommended, as they slow you down a bit.

Underground Racing League (U.R.L.)

A new, main race event in Underground 2. Basically the same as a circuit race, however it is set in a legal race track, like you would see F1 or KART races in.


When free roaming around the city, you can get near a rival car and tap the Up button (left Shift in PC) to challenge them in a race where you must outrun your opponent by 300 miles. It's a good technique to take down your opponent right when you start to catch up easily.

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