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Coastal Segment 1
Coastal Segment 2
Coastal Segment 3

Coastal is an intermediate point-to-point course set along resort beaches, seaside cliffs and natural seafront terrain. The finish line of the track features a half-buried Statue of Liberty on the beach.

Portions of the Coastal layout resurface in the Forest environment of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, especially its Coastal Parklands track.


Track Info

Type: Road
Class: B
Difficulty: Intermediate
Total Length: 15.2 mi

Segment 1

Length: 5.2 mi
Difficulty: Beginner
Landmarks: Last Resort

Segment 2

Length: 5.0 mi
Difficulty: Intermediate
Landmarks: Hot Air Valley

Segment 3

Length: 5.0 mi
Difficulty: Intermediate
Landmarks: The Dark Forest, Lighthouse Point, Statue Of Liberty

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