The Gravedigger

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The large and very clumsy creature, known as The Gravedigger is unable to comprehend any kind of structured thought due to the lack of oxygenated blood which reaches its brain cells. This often results in a very basic form of communication, usually consisting of an idiotic use of sarcasm and bad repetitive jokes that haven’t been used since the 60s in German sitcoms.

Although The-Gravedigger is considered to be a very dangerous creature when provoked, it can be easily distracted with a clever use of Holly Valance images. The use of these images can keep The Gravedigger amused for hours, allowing the victim to escape unharmed fairly easily. Though, this technique is the safest method of protecting oneself from this irate creature, The-Gravedigger may begin to dribble excessively, which can lead to severe splash back if the victim is within 4 meters.

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