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prince1142003 is a retired screenshotter for Most Wanted Screenshot Requests. He was also one of the screenshotters for Tuning Challenge 2.

The Person

He lives somewhere in the world, and currently attends college. He is studying to be a chemical engineer but still has no idea what he'll do after graduation. He loves music and enjoys the company of his close friends. He is often found engaged in fun activities with those close to him.

The History

He has been involved with Need for Speed games since the advent of Porsche Unleashed. He joined shortly after Underground 2 came out, and has been with the forums since then. He has seen the community grow from a few hundred members to a couple thousand. Because of his contributions to the community, he has now been chosen as a valued member of the community.


Just like with the other member profiles, add any information you would like to know, and I will try to oblige in a way that doesn't reveal my true identity.
--prince1142003 16:28, 15 October 2006 (CDT)

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