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I'm probably not nearly important enough for my own page. lol (aww man, that joke doesn't seem too original now that I've seen some of the member pages around here). I contribute to this wiki sometimes; I haven't done so a lot before but hey, I figure I could start helping out with this now, because a new game is coming out soon and everything...

A bit about me

I'm a computer nerd, and a car nerd / gearhead at times (okay, given, I don't have much hands on experience but I'd like to spend some time working in an auto shop or something). I've been playing the NFS series for basically as long as I can remember (right now). Although I've been posting since around 2006 on EA's forum, I only joined NFSUnlimited in 2008. This may sound sappy but it has been nice knowing you guys (the members of NFSUnlimited).

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